Unlock Granularity in Asset Class Management

FIGI has applicability beyond simple security and instrument identification. The identifiers are used for managing the transition of hierarchal specificity as an instrument moves through the functional aspects of trading, settlement, portfolio management, asset servicing, risk management and regulatory reporting (i.e. the ‘contextual view’). The use of a unique, non-changing and perpetual identifier also enables linking material changes to that instrument, maintains permanent association with those changes and provides a consistent historical perspective of that instrument changing over time through corporate actions and other events.

FIGI Structure Diagram

Unlock Information

Data Quality is at the core of actionable and accurate information. Open Symbology’s metadata driven approach, supported by a rigorously applied ontology, provides a powerful toolset for accessing, sharing, tracking, and managing your data, data quality, and implementing proper governance.

Unlock Risk Management

Risk exists across asset classes and geographies. Being able to tie together standards and proprietary methodologies specific to these silos is critical for assembling a true picture of risk across an enterprise. FIGI and Open Symbology provides the foundation for linking, normalizing, and then analyzing data that historically was too difficult to proactively manage and bring together.

FIGI Product