AccessFintech LTD

AccessFintech’ Synergy enables optimization of workflow through collaboration, using data and shared technology access. By enabling users to collaborate on data, it transforms operations to simplify and speed workflows, reduce capital requirements, and give access to benchmarking insights. At its core is Synergy which facilitates data collaboration at scale with more visibility into transaction data and workflow optimization to speed and simplify transactions through digital automation. Synergy allows for resolution and decision-making in one place, and technology distribution providing connectivity to new technologies and reducing the cost of ownership for all.

AccessFintech has built a network of leading financial institutions with a critical mass of data, participants and use cases and more than a billion transaction updates are now being processed every month on Synergy.

"Enabling OpenFIGI across the billions of transaction updates processed by AccessFintech each year allows us to deploy an important additional layer of data normalisation. With firms across the street favouring varying identifiers, OpenFIGI will support us and our clients in identifying instruments, cross asset, globally and in a normalised language. This ability to link together differing identifiers enhances the supports we provide through data pairing – going further into connecting data across multiple market players to facilitate eradication of exceptions, reduction of query traffic, and minimisation of risk."

Steve Fazio, Co-Founder