Cosmos Technologies

Cosmos was founded in 1998 by Frederick Douglas. In the early years, the company focused primarily on Environmental Engineering and Management, but has since grown to accommodate clients’ needs in the following: site infrastructure design, grading design and stormwater management – with a heavy emphasis on Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) Design, building systems engineering including building automation, wastewater treatment engineering, environmental management, and innovative wastewater treatment research and process development.

Cosmos strives to constantly seek new application of emerging technologies and automation advances and put them to use on all projects, such as in Site/Civil Design. As development budgets become increasingly strained, every gain in efficiency translates directly into dollars saved, sometimes making the difference between a “Go/No Go” decision to move a project ahead. For instance, Cosmos develops all grading designs in a rigorous 3-D modeling process that can be directly loaded into site grading equipment for automated machine guidance, reducing the need for survey stakeout and constant rechecking of site grades as excavation and grading work progresses. This “Desk-to-Done” approach is particularly suited for design-build applications and can help keep project budgets and schedules on track.