FIA Technology Services LLC

FIA Tech is the leading technology provider to the exchange traded derivatives industry. FIA Tech will be investing to further the development of existing products that have successfully served the industry and launch innovative new solutions to improve market infrastructure across the listed and cleared derivatives industry. FIA Tech works in partnership with the broader industry, including exchanges, clearinghouses, clearing firms and other intermediaries, independent software vendors, buyside firms and end users to bring efficiency to the exchange traded and cleared derivatives industry. 
Current FIA Tech services include digitally managing give-up agreements, meeting regulatory compliance requirements arising from CFTC, MIFID II and exchange regulatory compliance, reconciling and settling brokerage fees and providing reference data products that are required across the pre- and post-trade space in futures and equity options.

"By incorporating OpenFIGI Symbology into the global product reference data maintained on the Databank Network, Bloomberg clients will be fully interoperable with all FIA Tech services as well as other ISV participants in the Databank Network." Andrew Castello, Vice President, Head of Reference Data