Finoptek Ltd.

Finoptek Ltd is a UK registered company, a fintech startup, developing a unique cloud based technology for financial analytics.

Our multi dimensional platform provides investors with the capabilities of space valuation and impact assessment along with the conventional risktime valuation tools. Supported with a proprietary model, our software is the only one of its kind, and introduces spacetime financial analytics for the very first time.

Through a secure and user friendly interface, we bring together a number of additional analytical tools, including risk and ratio analysis, econometrics, data visualization, and 3D modelling.

Saving time and resources, our multi tool platform increases the efficiency of financial analytics many fold, and links data and analysis to the decision making process in a dynamic and interactive way. Furthermore, with scenario development and simulation tools, communication and coordination extras, Finoptek’s platform stands out.

Finoptek’s technology caters to a variety of investment products and instruments, covering public equities, bonds, projects, funds, markets, portfolios, and a number of alternative instruments.