Intrinio Fintech Platform

Intrinio’s mission is to help investors save money and make time so they can live more meaningful lives. We believe investors waste time on data collection, data entry, and data analysis because traditional financial data providers stifle innovation through high prices and restrictive technology. Intrinio solves this problem by making financial data affordable and easy to access for developers, unleashing their creative potential to build the next generation of financial analytics products. Over 200 data feeds are currently available at disruptively low prices, providing data types such as cryptocurrency, international stock market data, real time NASDAQ and IEX stock prices, US and global ETFs, FDIC bank data, fundamental US 10-Q and 10-K data, and insider transactions. Intrinio was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"Discovering and integrating OpenFIGI has completely transformed our architecture. The number of data feeds on the Intrinio Marketplace is growing exponentially. With each new data set we add, the complexity of identifying the underlying securities grows. Integrating FIGI has ensured that we keep a clean security master and continue to deliver quality, organized data to our users.” Joey French, President of Intrinio