Jevons Global Pty Ltd

Jevons Global is a boutique investment advisory firm. Their specialty is to capture opportunities via innovative thematic analysis of changes in the global economy. They provide investment solutions based on independent, entrepreneurial thinking and processes, supported by advanced technology and quantitative algorithms. The focus of their team is thematic industry research to profit from change and disruption in the global economy.

"Tracking global symbology is essential for integrating disparate data sources. Our research process integrates traditional market data sources, on pricing and financials, with alternative data that originates from the web. The structuring of a financial knowledgebase at scale demands an efficient service that can take text oriented input, like a company legal name, and match that to an underlying set of market instruments. OpenFIGI provides our small team with that capability. The service has significantly enhanced the scope and scale of our thematic research capability." Kingsley Jones CIO, Founding Partner