KYNEX provides an integrated platform to perform portfolio/risk management, individual security analytics, trade flow, order management, and profit-and-loss. Several premier institutions including investment banks, market making desks, hedge funds, and long-only investment management firms, currently benefit from utilizing the Kynex infra-structure as an extension of their own.

Our highly customizable portfolio and risk analysis solution provides insight into the composition and distribution of a portfolio consisting of convertibles, options, corporate bonds, stocks, default swaps, asset swaps, interest rate swaps etc. along several dimensions. You can overlay your expectations for the broad financial markets onto your portfolio to identify opportunities and potential risks.

We develop and maintain sophisticated financial calculators to support our comprehensive suite of analytics such as sensitivity, horizon, cash-flow, and scenario analysis. Our calculators currently handle all the known nuances in convertible structures, default swaps, interest rate swaps, asset swaps, equity options and we constantly upgrade them to handle new structures as they evolve in the market. You get the benefit of accurate valuation for all securities in a familiar and consistent interface regardless of the complexity of the structure.

We maintain valuation history for active convertible securities in the United States and European markets which provides insight into the dynamics of various valuation metrics in the convertible securities market, in addition to facilitating idea-generation using dynamic search criteria that combines valuation metrics and indicative terms.

With our integrated trade entry module, you can keep track of pending orders, update your inventory and P&L as trades are executed, and analyze the various components of performance over different periods in time, as well as commissions and trades by counter party.