Linedata was founded in September 1998 as the result of a merger of three firms: GSI Division des Banques, Line Data and BDB Participation. A leveraged management buyout backed by AXA Private Equity Fund (APEF) gave employees at GSI Division des Banques majority control over their company in December 1997. The subsequent acquisition of Line Data and BDB Participation led to the creation of a new company: Linedata. New, but not a startup, the new corporate entity benefited at the outset from the best management, technology and operational expertise drawn from its three component companies.

Linedata achieved a major milestone in May 2000 when it was admitted to the Nouveau Marché on the Paris Stock exchange. Linedata (Ticker LIN.FP on Bloomberg) is now quoted on Euronext Paris and has become one of the most respected and independent technology firms in its field.