Phaseinvest GmbH

Phaseinvest’s plug & play technology improves equity investing by simplifying the management of equity risk factors.  They unburden their clients from the time & effort associated with data processing and free up an extra day per week that they can focus on higher value tasks. Their clients simply upload their portfolios into the platform and obtain 360˚ insight into the risk exposures of their equity portfolios. With their partner Finscience, they bring highly quality easily accessible ESG analytics to investment managers at an affordable price

"phaseinvest uses FIGI as its primary identifier due to it being an open symbology that provides a unique, non-changing, and perpetual identifier for consistent security level historical perspective. It enables us to achieve robust & efficient identification of securities across different data sources. For our clients, it is highly beneficial as they have access to a free global permanent identifier that allows them to improve the efficiency of cross-platform identification of securities. Even as a start-up, phaseinvest is able to maintain an enterprise class data infrastructure of global equity securities. We actively encourage our clients to consider FIGI as their symbology of choice as it will immediately inject efficiencies into their data management processes."