Bloomberg PolarLake

The Bloomberg Data Management Utility from Bloomberg PolarLake makes data fully transparent and accessible, providing Chief Data Officers (CDOs) with unparalleled control, quality and visibility across their organizations.

Through its sophisticated, private-cloud-based data management capabilities and integrated tools, the Bloomberg Data Management Utility allows organizations to streamline the acquisition, management and distribution of instrument, pricing, index, legal and ratings data from multiple sources.

Using the resulting insights into its data universe, the Bloomberg Data Management Utility enables firms to turn data processing from an operational burden into a competitive advantage.

~ Vendor Data Quality Rules
~ Timeliness Checks
~ Golden Copy Data Quality Rules
~ Rich Model (>11,000 fields)
~ ID Allocation
~ Matching
~ Cost Management and Vendor Usage
~ Total Cost of Ownership
~ Vendor Change Management
~ Subscriber Management
~ Data Catalogue
~ Monitored Data Delivery
~ Data Supply Chain Transparency
~ Operational Reporting
~ Data Lineage and Provenance (BCBS-239)
~ Universe Insight
~ Growth Management