Our mission is to simplify Data Management. Bloomberg PolarLake delivers production proven progressive data management solutions which achieve process improvement, operational control and business growth for our clients through the application of world class services.

From vendor and internal feed management through data quality management to data distribution, Bloomberg PolarLake services manage multiple data sets including Reference, Ratings, Price, Position, Trade, Entity and Corporate Actions.

Each data set is delivered with speed, agility and control enabling our clients to meet multiple business requirements ranging across data quality, matching, risk management and regulation driven programs.

Worldwide, financial firms benefit from the Bloomberg PolarLake solutions through reduced costs and increased data quality achieved by eliminating the need to build home-grown solutions and avoiding the non-stop maintenance and upgrade cycle of traditional implementations.

Bloomberg PolarLake’s Solutions are built on a very significant long term investment in People, Process and Technology. The industrial strength solutions are trusted in mission critical Data Management implementations for Sell Side, Buy Side, Custodian and Hedge Fund clients operating globally each and every trading day. Based in Dublin, Bloomberg PolarLake is wholly-owned by Bloomberg, the global business, financial information and news leader.