Rimes Technologies Corporation

We offer a customized, scalable and cost-efficient managed data service. All our services are delivered via the cloud, removing the typical problems associated with in-house data management where keeping pace with increasing data requirements can become an unsustainable challenge. We help our clients improve the quality and delivery of their data, and reduce the unseen cost and operational risk associated with in-house data management.

We are data experts, considered trusted long-term partners by our clients. Keeping a firm finger on the pulse of the market and understanding the data management challenges faced by institutions in current market conditions have been our core guiding principles since 1996. Offering expert advice based on deep market knowledge, we strive to foster long-term relationships through professionalism, commitment and service excellence.

All our managed data services are underpinned by sophisticated, robust and powerful cloud-based technology. Twenty years ago we pioneered the delivery of customized financial information on the cloud. At the heart of RIMES is a sophisticated and highly developed infrastructure capable of handling hundreds of complex data sources, which is invisible to our customers and frees them from the technology restrictions often encountered with data management.

We deliver comprehensive world-class data to institutions across the globe, 24/7. We offer the most comprehensive, timely and up-to-date financial data, which is constantly verified by a team of data experts to the highest professional standards. Our award-winning managed data service replaces in-house data management so our customers can concentrate on their core business. Our data is sourced from over 200 partners and feeds some of the world’s leading third-party systems, plus many proprietary applications.

”Improving efficiency and reducing complexity are two of the key principles that the RIMES Benchmark Data Service® is built on. By adopting Bloomberg’s Open Symbology, our clients will now be able to further streamline their data management processes, while accessing our customizable universe of data that is unparalleled in coverage and quality.”
Alessandro Ferrari, SVP Global Marketing, RIMES Technologies Corporation