Swiss Fund Data

Swiss Fund Data AG provides investors with access to data, notices, documents and other information on authorized investment funds at no charge and in a simple fashion, thereby increasing market transparency. It provides the Swiss investment fund industry with a cost-effective official publication channel that enhances competitiveness.

Swiss Fund Data AG positions itself as a not-for-profit joint venture by the Swiss investment fund industry. It is absolutely unbiased and does not pursue any interests which could conflict with its mission.

”As the leading one-stop-shop for fund information in Switzerland, Swiss Fund Data plays a key role as a data and marketing hub for the entire Swiss fund industry and maintains direct connections to investors, data vendors, authorities, media and fund providers. Due to the massive increasing demand for transparency, the integration of the FIGI is a logical step forward and serves our clients with a key and unique identifier per fund in order to optimize the data set and the power search on the platform of www.swissfunddata.ch. A joint venture between Swiss Funds & Asset Management Association SFAMA and SIX Swiss Exchange.” Erika Kessler, CEO, Swiss Fund Data