Trendrating is a global provider of best in class momentum models, analytics and indices. Trendrating’s “Smart Momentum” model is faster and more accurate at capturing trends and reversals than other commercially available products that rely on outdated research and technology.
Trendrating’s intuitive technology platform is used by over 100 institutional fund managers to systematically run multiple portfolio assessments and adjust exposure in order to capture more trends. At a time when an increasing number of fund managers are implementing more sophisticated strategies, such as smart beta, Trendrating provides tools to improve performance and lower risk.
Founder Rocco Pellegrinelli is a successful entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the fintech sector. In 1996 he created Brainpower, establishing it as one of the top portfolio analytics systems before it was acquired by Bloomberg in 2006. Trendrating has offices in London, Boston and Lugano.