Trendrating is a global leader in the field of advanced analytics and portfolio management technology serving thousands of asset owners worldwide, counting strategic partners such as Bloomberg, Euronext and FactSet.
Our proprietary and unique trend-capture and rating methodologies are used as part of their investment decision-making process in the asset management, wealth management, private banking, advisory, hedge funds and family offices fields to maximize returns and to better control risks.
Backed by over 25 years of industry experience in developing and constructing sophisticated first class models and software for professional investors, our founders believe that superior investment performance on a consistent basis comes from the ability to be in synchrony with and take advantage of major price trends in financial markets. The ability to capture a large part of the bull trends and avoiding most of the bear phases in stocks, sectors, ETFs and indexes over different market cycles is the essence of successful investing.
This is our mission. We serve professional investors that strive for constant improvement, aim at delivering superior value, who understand the importance of not missing opportunities offered by a new generation of data and technology and are in tune with an evolving world.
In 2021 Trendrating got awarded as one of the '5 Best Data Analytics Companies of The Year' by CIO Bulletin. In 2022, it got awarded as one of the '5 Best Strategy Management Solution Providers', by the same interactive, preeminent leadership platform. This year, Trendrating got featured in the cover of the Enterprise World Magazine, as one of the 'Most Trusted Advanced Market Analytics Solution Provider Platforms'.
Contact us at discover@trendrating.net or visit www.trendrating.com to explore how we can partner with you, to incorporate our unique range of solutions into your existing investment and risk management processes.