Vinva Investment Management

We are an independent investment management firm established in July 2010 specialising in managing equity portfolios in the Asia Pacific region. Our team of experienced professionals each have, on average, over 17 years experience in invesment management.

The business has been built with a focus on 3 key areas: investment performance, client relationships and risk management. We are committed to keeping the business to a manageable size and ensuring long term alignment of interest with our clients.

”Nothing beats the FIGI for mapping between internal stock identifiers and third party data vendors. By using FIGI, externals can precisely identify a security completely free of charge and without any constraints on licensing. We can then easily map that to our own stock identifiers without fear of mistaken identities or having to pay royalties for use of the identifier. I would certainly recommend the FIGI.” Adrian Looi, Research Manager, Vinva Investment Management