Watson Wheatley

Watson Wheatley is a leading provider of reconciliation solutions to hedge funds, asset managers and commodities traders. Our products are used to manage reconciliations for over $160bn in assets under administration in Europe, North America and Asia.
The i-Recs reconciliation solution delivers highly automated data aggregation, advanced matching and exception management across all instrument classes and data types with a focus on operations risk mitigation and operational efficiency.
i-Recs includes customisable functionality for custodian, prime broker and administrator reconciliation, data translation and data cleansing. Our solutions are developed to solve real business problems and are derived from our extensive knowledge of middle and back office operations.

”Reconciliation is critical in trading operations, especially when trading in volume and across a broad range of asset classes. Reliable security recognition in this environment is vital. The FIGI enables us to enhance i-Rec's security identification process, which directly improves trade matching rates, and thereby can substantially reduce operational risk. We look forward to incorporating the FIGI into other WWFS applications beyond i-Recs to bring more efficiency to the reconciliation and risk management process.” Duncan Wheatley, Director, Watson Wheatley