Value Xd Developed a Mechanism That Communicates With Open FIGI API

  Posted Wed December 18, 2019


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Value Xd has developed a unique search and selection mechanism and a user friendly interface that communicates with the Open FIGI API and allows its users to search and identify securities globally.

Value Xd™ has been declared a regional winner in the South West of the UK, and a semi-finalist in the Rising Stars competition organised by Tech Nation in partnership with Microsoft, Talent Works, Soldo, and BDO Drive.

Value Xd is a cloud-based analytics platform that reinvents the entire analytical value chain from research and data gathering, to analysis, simulation, testing, reporting, presenting, publishing and sharing. 

The Value Xd platform is a self-contained analytical universe, endowed with unique and unprecedented features that empower analysts and organisations with a plethora of cloud-based tools that increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The first edition is called Value Xd Impact, it is the Fund and Investment edition, which is conceived as an analytical ecosystem for sustainable and impact investing. It provides a variety of tools through which businesses and investors can align their decisions with environmental responsibility and sustainable development goals and targets, while also covering all conventional analytical techniques.

Value Xd has developed a unique search and selection mechanism and a user friendly interface that communicates with the Open FIGI API and allows its users to search and identify securities globally. 

Integrated within its wider analytical architecture, the Open FIGI interface on Value Xd facilitates the selection of securities for the purpose of importing data from Bloomberg DL. Furthermore, it is used as the main portfolio selection and asset allocation tool. 

Describing Value Xd’s strategy and approach in choosing Open FIGI, Armen V. Papazian, a King’s College Cambridge University graduate and founder and CEO of Value Xd, said:

“Whether in terms of access, costs, or granularity, Open FIGI’s value proposition is unquestionable. We at Value Xd believe that in a world growing in financial depth and complexity, with an undeniable urgency to create the tools that help us uphold and track environmental responsibility across the planet, open symbology is a must, and will be of critical importance to markets across the globe. Thus, it was only natural for us to choose Open FIGI as our main security identification architecture. Open Symbology is the future, and we intend to continue expanding our partnership with Open FIGI in the years ahead.”

A sample snapshot of the Open FIGI interface on Value Xd


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