Advanti Solutions

As a by-product of this problem, it often takes far too long to go from an investment idea to live trading.

Since 2003, we have worked to improve the data-intensive systematic investment process. We have seen dozens of different systems and processes, enabling us to discern what works and what doesn’t when it comes to using data for the purposes of portfolio construction, quantitative research, predictive modeling, risk analysis, and factor attribution.

Our experience has led us to see a common thread that was missing from all of these implementations: a vendor-agnostic analytical infrastructure designed to make it easier and faster to access the data you need for analysis.

”We use Bloomberg Open Symbology when developing equity and fixed income research and analytics applications. It provides a significant time/cost savings in the area of cross-reference mapping and unique security identifier at all levels of the security hierarchy. If you haven't given BSYM a whirl, I highly encourage you do for your live and historical security master management processes.”
Douglas A. Eisenstein, Founder of Advanti Solutions Incorporated