ETD (formerly Euromoney TRADEDATA) provides a global aggregation service for the global exchange traded derivatives. It is an acknowledged specialist and innovator in the futures and options market and has operated a community-based quality assurance model for many years which has made it a market leader in its field with a proven and strong track record in customer service.

ETD provides a golden copy mapping table of regulatory, market data and independent software vendor identifiers for futures, options and OTC cleared products. Its independent entity status allows it to maintain multiple business relationships with all market participants including for symbology, other market data suppliers and independent software vendors. Many of our clients in the investment banking community use our Xymbology service as their security master for Global ETD and OTC cleared products across their enterprise in Vendor Enterprise Data Management (EDM) such as GoldenSource and Asset Control, as well as their own proprietary EDM platforms. Clients who benefit from our services include global banks, dedicated derivative houses, exchanges, independent software vendors, regulators and publishers with data distributed to the EMEA, USA and APAC geographic areas.