Valuest Inc.

Valuest Inc. is engaged in developing two key products:

1. Valuest Market Data – a market and financial data platform;
2. Valuest Analytical Platform – a fundamental analysis and portfolio management platform.

Both Valuest products are aligned with the company’s core mission: we aim to make investing and the financial world predictable.

Valuest Market Data focuses on providing developers, startups, companies and educational institutions with affordable and high-quality market and fundamental data. We use machine learning to collect fragmented data, analyze and structure it into convenient APIs.

Valuest Analytical Platform is a platform that offers fundamental analysis of public companies around the world. With us, an investor can always easily identify the industry leaders – not just in a specific country, but in the same sphere throughout the world. Valuest Analytical Platfrom reimagines the visual presentation of data and allows you to look at the stock market from above and see the entire picture of the unfolding processes.

”We are very excited to be a part of The Bloomberg Open Symbology. OpenFIGI is a starting point for us in structuring companies reference data. It helps us to achieve a reduction in development time and improve quality of data. Moreover, it allowed us to create affordable high quality financial data APIs” Arthur Olevskiy, CEO and founder