Virtus Partners

Virtus was formed in May 2005 by its four founding partners in Houston, Texas. In December 2005, Virtus entered into an agreement with Citibank Agency and Trust to provide CDO Collateral Administration and CDO Trustee Services respectively. By 2007, Virtus and Citibank Agency and Trust were appointed on more than 50 CDO (CLOs, TRUPS, CDO Squared, Synthetic CDOs), Total Return Swap (TRS), and CDO outsourcing transactions. About 90% of our asset administration appointments involved bank debt (syndicated, bilateral, and synthetic loans).

With the subsequent downturn in the structured market, opportunities developed among Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Fixed Income Managers who were looking at bank debt funds and accounts but needed to outsource their asset administration requirements. Beginning in 2008, Virtus expanded its service offering to include Middle Office outsourcing for the non-structure fixed-income market. In late 2009, Virtus and Advent Software announced an alliance to integrate Geneva® (Advent’s award-winning portfolio management and fund accounting solution) with Virtus’ bank loan data offering.

Virtus Partners is an innovative provider of Fixed-Income Asset Administration services. We see ourselves as a blend of cutting-edge technological prowess and expertise. We understand that different clients may require different solutions, so our services are flexible and tailored to fit your specific requirements. We work with a range of clientele, from fixed-income managers to hedge fund software providers.

In a rapidly changing market environment, Virtus continues to see great opportunities for our current services and looks to take advantage of complementary business prospects.